Day 278: Jellyfish

The jellies tanks were very cool. Dark rooms filled with circular tanks and benches to sit and meditate on jellies.


We took a photo together at this viewing tank. As I have mentioned in previous blogs, this was our wedding gift from Lola. Awesome day at the aquarium!
Along our drive home from Newport we saw some interesting things. If you’re getting sick of fishy pictures then you’ll be jumping with joy when you read the next post.


Day 271: Aquarium Tickets


We finally made it to the ticket office.The line wasn’t long but it felt long enough because, as you may recalled, it was still freezing outside!!


The lobby really fascinated me because someone took the time to Christmasify their huge hanging sharks, seahorses and whales.


I really wanted to ask an attendant if the seahorse was to scale but I held back because I wasn’t sure if the coat check lady would have a sense of humor.
I have a feeling that whale was too small for a real one too.

Have you seen a cooler looking lobby area? I was quite impressed. We moved on quickly because we desperately had to pee.
Lola and I were disappointed the classifications were Mermaid and Trident. Those are not opposites, boys and girls.

This trip to the aquarium was a wedding gift (we we’re so late to cash it in!) From Lola. One year and three months after the big day we finally enjoyed our wedding present. We also made this part of our Adventivities.