Day 333: Raffy Bat


This is the Rafenesque’s big-eared bat at one of the cave entrances. Hope this helps: Raw-fin-nesk. If you think the Raffy’s common name is a mouth full then go ahead and Google their scientific name. I have a scientist buddy who spits them out without hesitation. Oh, to be a bat scientist.

I was ecstatic that I got to see him/her because I hadn’t seen one on person.

I have several awful pictures of me grinning widely just below him. Typically, me and self-portraits don’t have good results.

Even though four tours have been passing by this bat daily, he can’t be bothered.

Here’s a close up of the little beauty. He has one ear unfurled so he can listen to the world turn. You can see why they are called the big-eared bat.

Day 285: Meet Ziva


We picked up Ziva yesterday and she’s settling in just fine. She rode home just fine and re-met her sister.
Truthfully, they’re half sisters. They have the same daddy. However, being apart for a month means they get to battle for the boss position in their newly forming herd.


The battle was surprisingly spirited! Lots of slamming heads and horns. I took some video of them going at it. The above picture was when (I assume) they knocked themselves a little dazed. They were resting and nudging each other at this point.

Ziva (formally Cherry Bomb) is kind of a dirty fighter. She goes for cheap shots when Denka isn’t paying attention and nips at her ears. Even without the cheap shots, Ziva has about 10 pounds on Denka and is much more stocky.


Do you like her pretty blue collar? I picked it out at TSC. I think she looks quite pretty.
Our triad of herd mamas is almost complete. Ziva is the most chill, Denka is a little more shifty with people and the third goat (we haven’t fully decided) is quite skittish—we will have to work with her a lot.

What do you think of our new family member?

New Goat Coming Soon

These are pictures from the Triple Holler Boer Goat website.
Her name is Cherry Bomb and we are picking her up Friday.


Kit is convinced he wants to rename her, but I’m not so sure. Cherry isn’t a terrible name for a goat.
Denka is going to pleased I think. Maybe not pleased she will have to butt another goat out of her food bowl but definitely happy for the company.
Cherry already has a little blue lead and collar ready for her when she comes home.

This goat and Denka were born a few days apart and will have their first birthdays in early March. I will make sure to get a picture of her pretty face when we get her home.

Day 276: Crocodilians

wpid-20121221_121520.jpgI’m loving this croco-gator. He was so cool! I suppose in the animal world this would be some sort of stalking or hunting pose. His whole body submerged except for his nose and eyes. Right as I snapped the picture his eyes slid over to stare at me.

The little green leaves completely coated the top of the water, which made his parts above the eater surface, beautiful camouflaged.

As I took this picture, there was a 13 foot alligator behind. He could move but was pretty lazy. Saving those quick reflexes for a real meal.

Lola and Kit posed with him. Whoof, he was big! A little boy around five was told to stand by the glass for a picture similar to ours and he thought his parents were nuts! He stood about a foot from the glass and looked terrified when they told him to get right up close to the glass.
This child is smart. You don’t snuggle huge wild animals.

Day 275: Deep Ocean Critters

The deep sea room really got my attention because it was so dark and there were eerie blue lights that showed off weird critters. As my eyes adjusted and my nose nearly pressed to the glass I would exclaim as I finally saw the strange shapes inside.


I have been to other aquariums where the octopus resident had a jar or other treat toy to play with. Maybe this just wasn’t play time, but this octo-friend gave off a lonely and depressed vibe. He was snuggled in the corner as if willing the clock closer to closing time.


This is some sort of sea cucumber. From random Google searches, my guess is the Johnson’s sea cucumber. They are at least related even if the colors are different. They were fun to look at even if they barely moved. The tank didn’t have any signs up for these cucumbers.


The giant Japanese spider crabs were really freaky. All legs and huge. It could, gladly, wrap its legs all around me in a morbid cuddling fashion. They were devilish cool, but I wouldn’t want to be a little fish swimming by.