Day 363: Jet Laggin’


Look how beautiful and cheerful we are!!
Yeah…that didn’t last.

We were at airports from 11AM on the 29th to 3AM on the 30th if you don’t count the time changes.

I can’t quite explain how miserable jet lag feels. We walked around and chugged water but because we got zero sleep on the 8 hour plane ride we felt like super poop.

Thankfully, the effects are not long lasting.

Day 362: Jockey Gate


Waiting at the airport I found that each gate had a letter and number that was referenced on the boarding pass then as an added cutesy they had jockey jersey designs at each gate. No one refered to these, but they added some local flair to the airport.

Our flight changed twice over and for a while we thought we would miss it entirely. Thankfully, our airport did not let us down–we enjoyed sitting at the gate for about two hours before boarding.
Then we sat on the plane forever.

Day Fifteen: Leaving on a Jet plane

Don't Know When I'll Be Back Again

Tomorrow I must get more AA batteries for my real camera. My camera phone just isn’t cutting it for this project.

My fiancé left for his job site 2,000 miles away again. I’m learning to loathe airports and their Departing Flights section. It also instills my already deep-rooted hatred for driving on Interstates in large cities.

Not much to say when you’re depressed.