A is for Aquariums

Thanks to Tennessee Aquarium

You know how special you feel when someone remembers some unimportant detail about you?

For example, whenever Kit gets back from his latest project (Arizona) we plan on taking a weekend together. You may be thinking that a romantically inclined couple like us already have the whole weekend planned out, but we like to go out and do things together as well. (Yes, there will be plenty of shenanigans too).

I had no idea what fun thing we could do nearby and relatively inexpensively. Kit suggested going to the aquarium and my eyes lit up! It’s not something I get to do very often so I forget how much I love them until the next time I go. This man probably knows my interests better than I do.

Romantic getaway in Tennessee and a walk through a huge aquarium, now that, my friends, is what I call fun!

I have no clue what the difference is between an aquarium and a zoo for me, but I love aquariums and am not crazy about zoos. I dislike fish as pets (sea kittens, my ass) and like them better on my plate, but I love watching the crazy different creatures swim around.

Sea World was amazing! I can’t wait to see all the critters in Chattanooga in a couple of weeks.

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New Posting Project: ABC’s of Fun!

Hello thousands of blog hungry disciples,

I know you’re itching for more of my highly intelligent and informative posts. So here we go!

Starting tomorrow I am collaborating with two fellow bloggers to create my ABC’s of Fun list! We will be posting a little about a hobby or activity that we love to do and it will correspond with each letter of the alphabet.

In an attempt to double dip, I may be posting some pictures along with these posts to help out my 365 blog postings that count still shy of 100.

I make no promises that this will be a daily posting. More likely it will be weekly; unless I really get on a roll. My goal for finishing this 26 blog long co-op blog will be by May 14th, 2011. At that point I will be packing to move to my internship destination and walking to some droll music to get my hard earned diploma.

Who are these irresistibly sexy bloggettes that I am doing this project with, you may ask?

They are Murcia from Moonlit Garden and Beffer’s from her self-named blog.
Murcia has been posting for much longer than me and I think she will keep me on track. Beffer’s and I started the 365 blog together, but because of busy lives we had to stop. I’m hoping to draw her back into the blogging world with this project.

Feel free to follow along with our ABC’s or go ahead and link us to yours in the comments!