Day 259: Moooor Cookies!!


This is simply an extension of the blog Coupling Cookies in which I shared the recipe of Nutella cookies. In the the interest of money I went the route of cute Christmas paper plates with plastic wrap on top. Functional.

I really wished I has some green or peppermint cookies to strewn in to add more Christmas color. In hindsight, some green peppermint hard candies throw in between the cookies would have been perfect.


Some of the cookie dough had to be mixed by hand. I personally enjoy mixing most ingredients by hand. My all-time favorite to mix by hand may be the sugar, butter and apples for pie. Lovely grainy texture.

Nutella and red velvet cookies were cooling. The nutella cookies are a deep brown but not quite as dark as this crappy pictures shows.

Did you make any sweet Xmas cookies this past season?


Day 256: Movie Night


Lit up some movies and boy was it at a good time. We had both gotten home from work and were pretty well beat.

If you haven’t had a chance to pick up or borrow a copy of We’re No Angels then do yourself a favor.
Find a copy of this movie somewhere. This is a lighthearted film about the spirit of Christmas brought to you by a failing shop owner, a ditzy daughter, an evil Uncle, three criminals, murder, venomous snakes and other craziness.

Humphrey Bogart is awesome in this movie. In fact, the whole cast is a hoot. This is your sign. Watch the movie.

Just part of our December Adventivities.

Day 255: Couples’ Cookies

Making cookies is just plain fun. Kit and I made cookies during December for our Adventivities.

Our selections of cookies were all drop cookies so we didn’t need a huge space for rolling out and cutting dough. Maybe next year I will get more stylish.

The cookies we chose to make for our neighbors were delish and I really wish we had kept them for ourselves. Hehe, I am greedy but at least I admit it.

The red cookies pictured are Red Velvet. I used a box cake mix but added different amounts of ingredients. Less than what the box calls for, but I can’t be exact because I always add a touch more water until I get the right consistancy.

Kit and I both have the bad habit of eating while we cook or bake. Our fingers and tongues were bright red by the time we finished.

We also made gingerbread cookies that we flattened with the bottom of a glass cup and sprinkled then with sugar. They looked like they had snow on them!
The last cookie choice was a Nutella cookie. It has the simplist recipe in the world; it is all over pinterest.
Nutella Cookies!
1 cup flour
1 cup Nutella
1 egg

Blend very well, roll into balls and place on greased cookies sheet. I put a thumbprint into each of mine because I was worried the center wouldn’t cook evenly.

You may have to fiddle with the bake time. I baked mine longer than other Pinners said to.

Day 253: Angel Tree


This was the first Angel Tree that Kit and I have done together. I didn’t realize how mushy our insides were until we went shopping for a child that needed a coat.

The first time I looked at the Angel Tree, I had to (literally) fight back tears in the store because they all needed coats and mittens.

A few days later we came back and chose Jacob. He wanted Hunger Games books and anything with his favorite sports team on it.
They also had his clothing sizes on the card.


Kit’s favorite color is orange so I wasn’t surprised a bit that he picked out a bright orange coat for our kid. “You even dress our imaginary child in orange!”
Yes, by the time we got to the first rack of coats he was ours. The orange one turned out to be the buffest and best one.

During most of the shopping trip we had cracking voices and moist eyes. Being the bleeding hearts we are, we spent $40 over our limit.

If we see any kid in our area wearing an orange coat we will likely burst into tears.
I hope you had a good Christmas, little Jacob!!


Part of our December Adventivities.

Day 252: Bookshelf Manger


While decorating the house, Isabella perched and watched with baited breath. She was watching for anything dangling or low enough to attack.

She was very successful in stalking and taking down parts of our Christmas tree. We low a couple of ornaments to Isabella this year.
Thankfully, all the glass and fragile ornaments were put very high on the tree.

The tiny pieces that make up my manger had to be on some surface she couldn’t get to. The top shelf of the bookcase was my only option. Seriously, she perches on everything.

This manger came from my mom so I have a few special pieces included. When my mom was young she traveled with her parents. One piece in this collection is a hand carved model of Barry the rescue Saint Bernard she bought when she was in Switzerland.
I like to think there was a huge slobbering dog at the birth of Jesus.


Day 251: Stockings Hung with Care


Alright, so we’re not actually the country folk that have a chimney, but I promise that these socks were hung with care.

My Christmasy homemaker goal includes making stockings for me, Kit, Isabella and Tybalt. Yes, animals need stockings too! I haven’t fully decided if I want to make basic patterns and embroider fancy things on them, make patchwork stockings, or revamp an old sweater or pillow case into something fresh.

Can you tell that I have already been perusing Pinterest for ideas? I told Kit that it will be some years down the road before I feel confident enough to do this. A girl can dream for now though!

Throughout the years we have been together Kit and I have been slowly making our Xmas decorations more and more personal.
Mostly in the sense of buying or making ornaments for our Christmas tree. Short term, we want to up the ante on our lawn decorations.

imageThis Lego guy hiding in the tiny stocking is for our soldier adopted son who couldn’t make it to our house this year. He still gives us credit for helping him find Christmas spirit again.

Day 250: Cat in Lights


Have you seen those pictures of the easy baby photography on Pinterest? I don’t have kids so most of those pins only offer a short “awwww, babies!” moment before I continue scrolling.

I did remember seeing these photo tips though and that is what inspired my own baby photo. Except my baby is furry and I can’t dress her in a Santa onsie!

What? You haven’t seen those baby pictures?!!? Well allow me to educate you. I  still think my cat is cuter.

Told you so.