Day 183: Urban Comics


In addition to finding the green box in this grandiose library I found out they were having a mondo book sale. They normally have a bookstore but that day they had two full rooms of cheap books. I found this book in the bookstore but only paid a meager $3.00 for it. I couldn’t resist it! Retail is $15.00


The Slasher under the car is a classic. I remember getting emails about this when email was still new.
This urban legend is super old. I am tickled to read all of them.

Do you have a favorite urban legend?

Free Book Alert–What Thing Had Escaped (Part One)

Winston is giving away more free books!
This is just part of his campaign to being out his blog serial as a book in multiple parts.

Don’t worry, I wont let you guys miss out on his book being published on November 1st!

Hop on over to his blog to catch up on the serial novel. All the epsiodes are up and free to read right now but they won’t be forever.


Free E-Book: Circle in the Woods

I posted a link to Winston’s book giveaway blog the other day but I failed to mention he would be having promotional giveaways this week.

This one involves no contest. Simply go to the Amazon website, use your regular log-in and download a copy.

His book, which I recently finished reading is up for FREE grabs today–October 4th, 2012 You do not need an E-Reader or fancy phone to read the kindle version. You can use the Amazon reader on your home computer or notebook.

You can’t beat the price. Now give my friend Winston a try: Circle in the Woods on Amazon

Following my friend could get you some free lit

Subscribe and Tweet This to Win a Paperback of The Object: Book One.

I know there are a million and one “free” giveaways out here in he world but this is legit. I swear on my life as a farmer!

I shall impress you with my credibility. I personally know this author and his lovely wife. They are hardworking Kentucky folk and Winston is very passionate about his writing.

He is currently a self published author of several books. He wants to stay connected with his readers and has created a serial interactive novel via WordPress blogging.

I recently read his first novel A Circle In The Woods and I gotta tell ya it is worth the read. I have never read anything like it before. And for days, I laid awake at night thinking of the big bad guy in the book. I look forward to rereading it again soon because there are many clues in character interaction that lead you to the conclusion. Just like re-watching Fight Club…This time your shit will really flip.

Even if you don’t win the first installment of he serial novel Winston has recently put up all the old episodes for viewers to reread. So get your butt over to the Object blog now before they disappear again!