New Journal


I’ve made a slow start but a start nonetheless in my new journal.
The purple flap has a magnetic closure.

It has a glorious little pocket for love notes, fortune cookies and ticket stubs. Similar to the pocket on moleskein journals. This one is about the size of a paper CD case.

This is a thicker journal that I usually shy away from because of my tendency to become bored with the patterns or pages. This journal holds a pleasant surprise in that there are five or ten different patterns and colors.

Like I said a slow start, I only have the first few pages filled. I hope to start throwing in some good notes and things for Christmas celebrations and grocery lists for Xmas cooking.

I feel like most of my journals have a slow start. Like most novels you have to invest in a little time to gett to know the writing style and characters. I have to get to know the lax or taught spine and ease into how the paper soaks up the ink from my favorite pen.

Speaking of pens, do you have a very specific pen, or style of ink pen you use for journaling? I am quite picky. In some journals I refused to write with a ballpoint pen at all. That made for tough times when I inevitably misplaced my fancier ink pen.

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