Five by Five: Attractive and Unattractive Famous People


  • These are my opinions. It is okay if you don’t agree.
  • All the photos belong to their respective websites.
  • This list has to be based on looks because I know none of these people personally. Many of them I would enjoy having coffee with on a rainy afternoon. You know where to find me, people.
  • If you made it to the unattractive list keep in mind that I still respect you as a human being and I understand the many things in life you must give up to be in the media constantly.

Want more hottness? Check out my Pinterest board titled I’ll be in my bunk. The title is a nod to Joss Whedon’s character Jayne Cobb (Firefly) response to a beautiful woman. He needed some alone time and these photos will probably encourage you to need the same.


1. Adam Beach–SRC: The Cinema Source

1. Adam Beach.
Goofy smile, nice cheek bones. I like his best with a clean shaven face and medium length hair. Good actor, I just hope he isn’t a jerk in real life. Mmm, mocha skin. I need to go make some coffee.

2. Niall Matter–SRC: IMDB

2. Niall Matter
I fell in love with this actor’s bad boy character on Eureka. Do yourself a favor, turn the lights down low and watch all the episodes he is in.

3. Matt Bomer–SRC: the Urban Gent

3. Matt Bomer.
Ahhh, blue eyes. Freaky, piercing blue eyes.

4. Hugh Jackman–SRC: IMDB

4. Hugh Jackman.
It was really difficult for me not to post a picture of him without a shirt. He has many good features. Including his delicious looking body.

5. Bejamin Bratt–SRC: WordPress

5. Benjamin Bratt.
I wonder if he is as chill and nice a person as he is an actor. He is just full of adorableness.

Honorable Mention

Honorable Mention:
Jonathan Rhys Meyers–SRC: IMDB

Token Female

Token Female: Cote de Pablo
–SRC: Fanpop


1. Matthew McConaughey–Src:

1. Matthew McConaughey.
I have seriously had to type his name too many times for this blog post. And Yes, I can feel the evil glares from women around the world. Think of it this way, there is more of him to go around…to you. Even though he has nice features he just seems very sleezy to me. Thankfully the world population is nowhere near tanking so I will not have to answer the, “what if you were the last two people on earth?” question.

2. Adrian Brody–SRC:

2. Adrian Brody.
I can honestly say I have not seen any movies of his, that I can recall. This is purely based on casual Google searches. He could be an amazing actor that I will soon discover and fall in love with. However, at this point in my life, he will remain on the unattractive list.

3. Leonardo DiCaprio–SRC: IMDB

3. Leo DiCaprio.
Oh Leo, nothing against you personally. You exploded into the sex symbol scene when I was still too young to figure out why boys were so great. I never quite got you in Titanic or Romeo & Juliet. And your head is not the right shape–Please stop allowing people to slick back your hair like that.

4. Ashton Kutcher–SRC: IMDB

4. Ashton Kutcher.
This was another actor that many of my peers lusted after growing up. I just don’t get it. He needs some clippers and about five showers. I don’t know if you can shower off that layabout aspect. I have seen movies where he was cool, but overall not redeemable.

5. Benedict Cumberbatch
–SRC: Collider

5. Benedict Cumberbatch.
Again, I can feel the fandom males and females reeling that I chose Bene for this list. I really like his curly hair and his acting. He plays an exceptional Sherlock, but he wouldn’t come up to my flat for tea after a date.

Honorable Mention

Honorable Mention: James Franco


Token Female

Token Female: Kristen Stewart
–SRC: Hdwallpapers3d

Who would make your list?