Tour de Louisville Garden

Last week, Kit and I went to L-ville to visit some dear college friends.
One of my buds is the estate manager for a famous author, so as part of our visit we got a tour of the grounds.
I loved this statue of Pan and my friend couldn’t help but ham itit up for the camera. Love it!
One of the owners had a special garden that he personally likes to care for. The shapes happen to be a special part of his studies and teaching.
Check out that river view!!
One of the water gardens on the property. This one had adorable floating garden pieces which moved around because of the little waterfalls at the edges of the garden.
Check out those lemons! My horticulture friend hand pollinated all the flowers to get those enormous fruits! I hope they like lemonade.
My Hort friend nerding out and explaning the process of making and using compost tea. He is standing next to an amazingly huge African Shield plant.
Check out these awesome land owners. They have rocket box style bat houses on their property! Anyone who helps make a happy home for bats are alright in my book!

I ended the day by cashing in on a favor and grabbing a cafe miella (cinnamon and honey) latte at Sunergos.

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