Kat to Libra Comparison

I decided to look up my zodiac daily horoscope and personality. I’ve never taken enough time to see how well it matches me.

I looked on the best resource there is for horoscopes, my.horoscope.com.

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The personality blurb says:
• Balanced, judicial
• Peace loving
• Abhors being alone
• Values personal partenerships
• Winning personality
• Cooporative style

Hrm, not sure what I think about this personality summary. Peace loving is true, I tend to avoid conflict and bottle up issues instead of dealing with them. I have been known to write letters to a person to fully flush out my feelings.

I do hate being alone. There are days few and far between that I enjoy to myself. Mostly though, I can be found scrolling through my phone for a friend to text/call. Or, talking to my cat. I do enjoy being with friends especially and if I really like a person, I will likely do my best to forge a stronger friendship.

Winning personality? I haven’t ever brought home a blue ribbon, but I suppose folks like me.
I can be cooporative, but I can also take on an entire team project alone because I have gotten so used to failing group efforts in college.

Libra Daily said:

This is just the kind of day you like, Libra – intense and supercharged, just like you! It seems there’s a deadline coming up, or a time-sensitive project. You’ll have a lot to do and not a lot of time in which to do it. This is when you’re at your most productive. Just remember to drink plenty of water and eat. Even superheroes need fuel in order to accomplish their heroics.

Am I intense and super charged? I suppose I can when given a project or goal that I am particularly passionate about.

I don’t know of a particular deadline coming up, but perhaps those jobs I want to apply for this winter. My summer project at my present work is finished which is a great deadline off my mind.

I am the most productive during crunch time. I have four years of college experience working during crunch time.

Finally, ‘don’t forget to eat and drink?’ How could I do that? Maybe when I was younger I would be more focused and less conscious of my physical needs, but as an adult I have come to terms that I love to eat. Haha!

Which of the astrological zodiac are you and do you match your shining star personality?