Kat Deals with Anger

The other day I got really mad. It was the type of mad that quickly leads to frustration because nothing can be done. It was the type of mad that because nothing can be done I wanted to punch things.
After storming around the house like a three year old in a tantrum, I decided to redirect my negative energy to make good things happen.

First, I put on music to reset the mood, same energy, less anger. I avoided the mopey love songs and the angry thrasher rock. You might hit up your favorite work out list.
Next, I took my makeup bag, dumped it out and organized it by type of makeup. I did not use it all, but I chose at least one of each type.
Mineral foundation, bronzer, eyeliner, two types of mascara for popping lashes, two different eye shadow colors, my deep red lipstick, eyebrow pencil and tiny bit of blush.
It was heavy, but necessary. I wanted it to be extreme (for me) but not leave me looking like an alien.
After makeup, I brushed out my hair and took several photos until I felt perdy. I realize selfies are silly, but again, I needed this.
After getting pretty, I made two loaves of pumpkin bread. Not only did I end up with a delicious bread but a yummy blog as well.

I even washed up some dishes.
I kinda wish I could get that angry more often. I would have fresh baked breads and a clean house all the time! Well, maybe I would rather be messy and happy.

How do you deal when you’re so angry you can’t see straight?