Cooking oil Spray DIY

Call me a dweeb, I love some of the money/life saving tips that I keep finding on Pinterest. I use cooking spray like Pam in my kitchen all the time. It is more convenient that pouring oil in a pan and playing the tipping game until it is fully covered.

However, I don’t like paying the money for the cooking oil products. I also realize I am grtting more than just oil in my food from those pressurized cans.

Pinterest saves the day!
Okay, it was actually this blogger that had the great idea.
I found the idea on one of my favorite blogger’s site Jillee’s One Good Thing who was reblogging Natures Nuture‘s idea.

I have to admit that I did not do the recommended 1:5 parts of oil to water ratio. Rather, I did 1:2 or half and half. I was lazy, but it works just fine.

What is your favorite kitchen shortcut?