Chewy Chocolate Chip Banana Cookies

These sound like my kind of cookie. Anybody want to have a cooking date with me? I /might/ split the batch with you, depending on how awesome they are.


I have a bit of an obsession when it comes to bananas..and once they start to turn banana-bread-ready brown, I absolutely cannot stop myself from using them in a baked good. My usual go-to recipe is Chocolate Chip Banana Bread, but even my friends have become a little tired of my usual fix! So, as an alternative I decided to search for a banana cookie recipe (which is surprisingly hard to find), and after pages of Foodgawker research, I eventually came across these delicious looking chocolate chip banana oatmeal cookies.

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Fresh Tomato Tartines with Bacon Jam & Bacon Salt

Check out the recipe for Bacon Jam especially! -Kat

365 Days of Bacon

How do you make a “tartine,” you ask? Well, you take a reg ol’ BLT.

And you kick it up a notch.

And by “kick it up,” I mean,

Spread you some Bacon Jam and Bacon Salt on that sucker

La dee freaking da.

Voila! Suddenly your BLT is a fancy-schmancy-gourmet-cuisinish “tartine.”

(But you will still eat it with your fingers)

This is the last of the great recipes from Chef Ani’s Whole Foods “A Salute to Bacon” cooking class that I attended.



Yield: 8 appetizer servings


  • 8 leaves butter lettuce
  • 1 ripe tomato, sliced
  • 6-7 leaves fresh basil, shredded just before serving
  • Bacon Jam at room temperature (recipe follows)
  • Bacon Salt, to taste
  • fresh black pepper


  1. Spread lettuce with Bacon Jam (recipe below).
  2. Top with a slice of tomato and a bit of shredded basil.
  3. Sprinkle…

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Witness Tree of Belle Grove Takes A New Form

What an interesting idea. I love the repruposing of this historical mulberry tree. -Kat

Belle Grove Plantation Bed and Breakfast


As most of you know, we recently cut down three of our beloved trees. One of these trees was a 200 year old Mulberry Tree. We call this tree a “Witness Tree”.

In 200 years, this tree has “witness” much of our history. It would have been planted in or around 1813. During this time, the tree started its life America was in the middle of the War of 1812. It would witness another war up close and personal during the Civil War. It would see the Turner Family forced out of their Southern Plantation Mansion. It would have spread it arms over the Union Army as they camped out under its limbs. It would be the resting place for 25 Union soldiers as they pursued John Wilkes Booth after he assassinated President Lincoln. It would protect Belle Grove and give shade to its many families through the years. It…

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