Day 343: Bradford Pear Tree


I mentioned I would post more pictures of things blooming on the farm. I was hesitant to post these pictures of the Bradford pear trees they are very silly trees.


The blossoms smell off (like cat urine) and the way this tree branches off makes it very suseptable to damange in storms.

My horticulturist friend explained to me that a tree with a wide angle between trunk and branch is very strong. Bradford pears have a small angle between the two so as the branch continues to grow and get heavier it is more and more likely to break off.

There was much more to his rant, which included invasives, non-fruiting ornamentals, blossom smell, a handful of much better landscaping options and so on.
Look here, you actually learned real information on my blog.


Eat the spring-time!!
Ah, there now. I brought the IQ back down to entertaining and away from informational. 

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