Day 328: Braided Back


Over the last few days I have been practicing the herringbone braid and I see some very big improvements. The braid is less messy and much tighter all around. I also like to think it looks good with my uniform and big flat hat.

This style of braid tends to sit lower–at least how I do it–so it ensures my flat hat fits better,  my hair stays out of my face and off of my badges. All around it may be my regular hair style this summer.

I doubt that my explanation of how to accomplish this will help you. I suggest looking up proper how-tos and videos.
However, I will offer how I do it anyway. Brush through hair and split onto two bunches (instead of three for a regular braid).
Take a small amount from the outside of one bunch and pass it over to the other bunch. By outside, I mean the hair furthest away from the center part you have made. Repeat from the opposite bunch of hair.
The smaller amounts of hair you pass over means it will look more complex and cool. Once, I did this braid in such a way it looked as though I use three bunches of hair just like a regular braid-Oops!

I’m a long way from French braiding but I’m loving this for now :-)