Day 307: Ivy-cat Love


While having a sleepover at my sister’s house we passed up sleeping in her room for sleeping in what I call “the sheik’s tent”.
During the holidays, a bed, lamps and bedside tables were set up in the basement. Blankets were hung from the ceiling to the floor and carpeting was put down in that section.

With a small area heater the little room stays quite cozy. We took a counter top TV downstairs and watched movies until 1:30a. Pretty wild for me, since I hit the hay around 9:30 or 10p.

The cat’s name is Ivy. She does not like being picked up or handled. Like most cats, Ivy does love on her own terms. She has recently gained substantial weight so laying on my chest made it difficult to breath.

My last words were, “more weight.”
Heh heh, theater jokes.