Day 304: Theatre


This past weekend I went to two live theatres in two different cities.

The first play I went to see was Moon Over Buffalo. Two of my friends were in it and I had my best friend (the hubster) by my side.
If Moon comes to your city then make the time. It was hysterical. The actors were fantastic! And my hubby was a good theater-mate.

The second play I got to see was Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. I hadn’t seen any version more read any version of Cat. I must have many friends in theater because a strikingly beautiful friend played Maggie the Cat. It was a complex role that she did very well.

I think I filled my cultural enrichment quota for the week. Perhaps I’ll go for a turn about the park.

Mar 3, ’13 Update: This same week, a theatre from my childhood closed. I grew up volunteering and working for that theatre and the fantastic people involved. Keep local live theatre alive. Buy a ticket and applaud.