BIG News!



A little while back I said that I had some big news that I really wanted to share. I didn’t want to say anything too early and jinx the whole ordeal. My plane ticket got sponsored and I can afford the per diem costs.

* * * drummmmmmm rollllllll *  * *

I’m flying to Spain with one of my girlfriends. We will stay a night in Madrid then get to St. Jean Pied de Port to begin hiking the Camino de Santiago!!

I will be gone about 2.5 weeks–not hiking the whole Camino. I will have to set up my blogs to post ahead of time because I don’t want to spend every waking moment in Europe in front of a computer. I hope, dear blog-world friends, you unerstand that I want to sink into the country while I can.

I am one of those people that is chill until something concrete occurs. Jess purchased tickets last night. Kit and I looked up plane schematics last night, so we know exactly where I will sit.

I barely slept last night. My brain is racing!!