Day 285: Meet Ziva


We picked up Ziva yesterday and she’s settling in just fine. She rode home just fine and re-met her sister.
Truthfully, they’re half sisters. They have the same daddy. However, being apart for a month means they get to battle for the boss position in their newly forming herd.


The battle was surprisingly spirited! Lots of slamming heads and horns. I took some video of them going at it. The above picture was when (I assume) they knocked themselves a little dazed. They were resting and nudging each other at this point.

Ziva (formally Cherry Bomb) is kind of a dirty fighter. She goes for cheap shots when Denka isn’t paying attention and nips at her ears. Even without the cheap shots, Ziva has about 10 pounds on Denka and is much more stocky.


Do you like her pretty blue collar? I picked it out at TSC. I think she looks quite pretty.
Our triad of herd mamas is almost complete. Ziva is the most chill, Denka is a little more shifty with people and the third goat (we haven’t fully decided) is quite skittish—we will have to work with her a lot.

What do you think of our new family member?

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