Freebie Alert: Win Organigoodies Treats!

Heads up y’all!!!

This is a like-fest for the Facebook page of Organigoodies. Abby wants 100 likes and as soon as she reaches it, she will give away a dog treat bag!! Fifty pieces is worth $16.00 on her etsy store.

How do you enter?
Like the facebook page.
For each time you share the page or publicize Organigoodies on a social network it counts as another entry.

Very little effort involved in sharing pages and if you beat me then you will good healthy dog treats fo’ free!


New Goat Coming Soon

These are pictures from the Triple Holler Boer Goat website.
Her name is Cherry Bomb and we are picking her up Friday.


Kit is convinced he wants to rename her, but I’m not so sure. Cherry isn’t a terrible name for a goat.
Denka is going to pleased I think. Maybe not pleased she will have to butt another goat out of her food bowl but definitely happy for the company.
Cherry already has a little blue lead and collar ready for her when she comes home.

This goat and Denka were born a few days apart and will have their first birthdays in early March. I will make sure to get a picture of her pretty face when we get her home.

Day 283: Sleeping Handsomes

Tybalt really likes to cuddle. Typically by 9:30 he will jump on the bed and claim his spot. He keeps his spot at the top of the bed (head on pillow) until we come to bed. Although he loves to cuddle, he gets too warm, heaves a sigh and stumbles to the foot of the bed.

Kit may look posed, but in reality, he just ignored me and was trying to sleep as I snapped (no joke) 10-15 pictures.

Beagles are such photogenic dogs. They constantly exude cuteness.