Gird Your Loins: World Nutella Day February 5th

Prepare yourself! I was preparing pulling together a ton of nutella recipes —I know, not the most original—when I discovered there are a couple if sweet bloggers preparing their 7th annual World Nutella Day.


The only thing I have made with nutella, besides a spoon, are milkshakes and cookies. I want to branch out and what better time to try than February 5th!! There are even savory Nutella recipes.

There are tips on how to celebrate, tons of parties, ways to get involved and of course it all revolves around eating Nutella. What could go wrong? Anyone wanna join me? You have two days.


Cool Nutella graphic via I Waste So Much Time.

Day 279: Florence


Not sure why I put off driving past Florence, Kentucky for so long. What a treat! Apparently this water tower addage is a huge embarrassment to the residents of Florence. To me, it just reflects the our old state catch phrase,”Kentucky. We’re just that friendly.” A little creepy and a whole lotta southern.

I must say that Unbridled Spirit is a little bit cooler for a state that is known for its horses and racing. Outside of the U.S. do they know us for our horses, corevettes, and bourbon? Doubtful.

My brief conversations in Costa Rica often included the response, “oh! Kentucky Fried Chicken!” Thanks, Colonel.
I need to visit the home of the first KFC someday. Corbin, KY, for those of you who are interested.