Day 266: Birdseed Ornaments


This was birdseed hanging ornaments experiment. I highly doubt I will try it again. It was just too dissatisfying for the amount of work I put into them.


This was my inspiration. The $10-20 molded birdseed hangers that I saw in TSC. I rushed home to try find it on Pinterest and was not disappointed. I found tons of links replicate this but doing it in real life is always different.

I might recommend using a bundt pan and making the wreaths but don’t waste your time using cookie cutters as a mold. They would have been…okay, if I hadn’t tried to hang them. Even so, some of them came out of the cookie cutters in crumbles.

For every birdseed ‘cookie’ that broke the chickens got more excited. They got lots of eats that day because after they cleaned up the seed that fell they looked up and saw some more food hanging.
I have some hysterical video of my rooster going for it. He’s just a little two short to reach the birdseed from the railing on the porch.

The wreaths I made were much more sturdy. However, I have to admit I was a little miffed at how poorly my ‘cookies’ did and just threw them out on the ground for my chickens.

Ed. Note: I used less water and more gelatin packs and it helped.
Also, I used greased silicone bundt pans and it was super easy to get the birdseed molds out.
You can use the quantities here but I vehemently suggest a bundt over the finicky cookie cutter bit.

Addtional Ed. Note: This one of those low success crafts. And like other crafters I have read from–Birds never touched them. I had one ornament that actually didn’t crumble. It hung for months and was never touched. Disappointment all around.