Day 237: Road Trip


Part of the December Adventivities.

Headed to B’s Christmas Pops program. It was a super long drive, made longer by cramps from sitting in one position all day.

However, we were off in high spirits of caroling, coffee and spotting Christmas symbols along the road.

Obviously, this is a picture from the beginning of the trip.

After the concert and on the way back to my brother’s house we hit a full grown doe.
I don’t know how our little red bug wasn’t destroyed. Sadly, the doe didn’t survive but we sure got off lucky.

Kit was driving and he did a great job slowing down so we didn’t hit her at 60 MPH. To make the situation worse there was a huge SUV on our tails that nearly rear-ended us and just drove on without even seeing if we were okay.

Exhilarating overnight trip to IL.