Day 233: Parade {Adventivities!}

Kit pulling day one.

As you may recall, Kit and I have been doing adventivities (advent activities) since December first. I thought about doing a daily blog but that seemed to just add more pressure and stress to the whole ordeal.


Kit got off work later than we expected, but somehow we still managed to eat dinner and make the parade with an extra 15 minutes.


There were lots of trucks and I was shocked to discover not many tractors. Just one rolling by my count and it was pulling a float. I really loved this lit cherry picker.


People dressed in character costumes kinda freak me out. I quickly snapped this (crappy) picture of the Grinch and then dove into hiding behind Kit. The gut on this Grinch was especially creepy.


The theme for the parade was Butterflies for Maddie. This is a charity started locally becuase of a little girl that was afflicted with a rare vascular disease. These motorized wings on trucks were particularly cool.


I can’t quite remember which business claimed this Spongebob and rooster float. I believe it might have been the Zaxby’s.


Structurally, this float was most impressive. Maybe not directly related to Christmas. This is the high school drama club’s float of a school I grew up closest too.

I’m shocked they could do something this elaborate. The school isn’t in a county anyone would classify as ‘rich’. Good for you HCHS.

After the parade we met up with a friend of mine and we had hot cocoa. This has been the only parade in recent years that I haven’t had to thaw out for several hours afterwords. An awesome beginning to our adventivities.

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