Day 212: Mooses


Everytime I see a moose I think of my kooky family.

There are tons of wedding photos from my brother’s wedding of people holding their hands up in the air.
Hands palm up with digits pointed skyward (imagine holding a tumbler glass).

Hands in this fashion represent the moose antlers. Don’t forget to shout “Mooses” similar to the way other people might shout “salud” or “cheers.”

Now you know where my mind immediately when I see any kind of moose.

Kat’s 24 Days of Christmas

I have been so excited to share this and I have forced myself not to post about my Christmas project until after Thanksgiving.
I know some people that were decorating trees a week before Turkey Day. Tsk tsk.


What is an advent calendar? Essentially a countdown to Christmas. Usually this is done by opening small token or gifts.
There is chocolate advents, nativity figurines (one per day), or passages from scripture.

Recently it has become very widely popular to do activities as a family. I have coined the term (unless you care to challenge me!!) ADVENTIVITY.

Here is the KitKat Team’s 2012 Christmas Adventivity List

1. Go to local Christmas parade
2. Begin reading Visions of Sugar Plums (Evanovich) and writing Xmas cards.
3. Shop for soldier care package.
4. Drive to visit bro/sis and see holiday choral pops.
5. Decorate outside.

6. Buy and decorate tree.
7. Bake cookies and give to neighbors.
8. Finish writing and mailing Xmas cards.
9. Watch Xmas movie and eat popcorn.
10. String popcorn and cranberries (add to tree).

11. Lexington Horse Park Lights display.
12. Angel tree shopping.
13. Take family photos.
14. Collect and kiss under mistletoe.
15. Read more of book.

16. Make an acorn cap Christmas ornament. (Will post this craft)
17. Drive thru park Christmas lights display in Drown.
18. Make a happy Bacon ornament. (Simply Adorable!)
19. Go people watching at the mall.
20. Ice skating. (Our first time!)

21. Aquarium with friends (cashing in our wedding gift).
22. Bake cookies and eat them!
23. Watch an Xmas movie and eat popcorn.
24. Read Xmas story in the book of Luke.

Some things to keep in mind whilst planning:
Unless you’re doing this alone get your partner or family involved.

This helped me avoid activities that Kit dislikes->drinking hot chocolate. It will also get your family pumped up about doing activities. Depending on their maturity level allow children to plan too.
Perhaps have them make a list of their favorite things to do around Christmas then do your best to incorporate their ideas.

-Be realistic.

In a perfect world Kit would win the lottery on the 3rd of December and by the 5th we would be flying to Greece.
Seriously, don’t overload your schedule so that you dread starting the next activity. Keep it relatively easy to accomplish and keep it limited to a couple of hours maximum.

Don’t lose sight of your goal!

I know it’s a bit cheesy. When making your adventivity list think up a general goal. At the end of 24 days I want…
To have helped somebody else.
To have FUN.
To try something new.
To get into the Christmas spirit.
And for us to spend quality time together.

If putting baby JC back into the holiday then make that a goal and organize your events thusly.

Be flexible.
Get the creative juices flowing by copying a list that has already be made. Don’t be afraid to cut or add to the list to better fit your family or goals.
If something comes up and you have to reschedule an event don’t get down. Try to put it off to the next week when conditions are more favorable. Keep in mind this is supposed to be fun. And if you’re tearing your hair out then you need to reassess your approach.

I planned activities around our work. Knowing we’ll be more tired on certain days means we have really easy events on those days.

–Final thing to keep in mind. Share your ideas! I struggled and waded through tons of horribly designed municipal websites and pins about Christmas to find fun stuff within our budget.
If we keep sharing our fun lists then maybe it can be easier for those of us not so creative.

Next, I will share how I displayed my adventivity. There were so many ideas to choose from!

Day 210: Trial and Error


Tried a crafty craft on pinterest but sadly it didn’t work.

Well, it sorta did.
We used this tutorial to do the permanent Sharpie design on plates.

We cleaned, we drew, we baked, we were thrilled.

And then, we washed our plates. Just the soapy dish water started washing off the lettering.

Has anyone tried this? What did we do wrong?
Do you have any tips?
Should we have baked longer than 350 for 30 minutes?

I have two clean plates that I can try again but now I’m hesistant to give it a whirl.

Um, thanks?

So I just casually checked my stats report this morning here on WordPress.

I do this about once a week or less frequently. I’m okay with the fact that for the most part I write this blog for myself and my super supportive sister. (Props for Murcia of moonlitgarden and romance movie date!)

However, when I checked stats (litterally five minutes ago) I was flabbergasted!!!

I had 91 views in one day. Yesterday, on Thanksgiving.

Now, I do have some followers that break triple digits in views simply by farting near their computer screens but for me this is huge.

Honesty: The most views on one day I had before this record breaking event was 61.

Upon further inspection I found that around 70 of these views were because of random clicks.

I call them random clicks because I assume that when most people Google or Bing search for Thanksgiving inspiration they don’t mean to stumble on my weird jumble of words and terrible drawings from a mobile phone game.

Of those 70 clicks how many people took the five minutes to read that blog? Or did they immediately say “dear god, what is that thing?” And quickly return to the safety of their search results?

These and many other earth shaking life questions may never be answered so I guess my only action is to be thankful.

Thank you to the random clickers and searchers.

Thank you to the sister who I force to read my blogs no matter how mundane.

Thank you to the few and the mighty (patient) who choose to take the plunge and click “subscribe “.

I appreciate every “like” button clicked and every comment I get.

Have a happy Black Friday.
I hope, for you, that you got to spend your evening snuggled with a beagle and wonderful wo/man of your choice–just like me.

I do not wish late nights of stressful retail on your lovely heads.