Day 215: Post Secret


Went to the free Post Secret event at my alma mater. It was fun, but not as llife changing as maybe I was expecting.
I was amazed how many people were deeply affected or touched by this project.

It started with this guy Frank Warren who began handing out postcards on the streets asking people to unburden themselves and share their secrets.
A few trickled in, then a few more, then droves anand droves.

I love following the website and reading the Sunday Secrets. The happy and sad ones alike.


Frank gained freedom from his own secrets by hearing so many of other peoples.

The best thing he shared with the audience was that the hardest part about having secrets is that you think you are the only one and no one will understand you.

By sharing secrets and seeing so many he has found tons of duplicates and this has helped many people because they know they are not alone.

The most common secret?:
Peeing in the shower.

The audience roared with laughter. Frank said, it seems silly but look at the people beside you in the audience…Are they smiling?

A second wave of laughter rocked the room.
I was smiling.

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