Day 188: Xmas Cards


I figure if the stores are have things on the shelves I may as well look.

I found four different card designs that I really liked. Kit and I have very different ideas on what Xmas cards should look like. We typically get two sets. Mailing my cards to my friends and family; mailing Kit’s cards to his friends and family.


The first two selections are my favorite. Simple and two of the few cards available sans glitter. Quite difficult to find in the Walmart selection.


My third favorite says Merry Christmas in bright colors.
And my fourth favorite is a cute little snowman.


I do like snowmen much more Santa Claus on a card. The various renditions of Santa for the most part creep me out. I know that is odd.

Which is your favorite of these four?
Do you have a type of card you love?

I like a single or simpler image while Kit loves the country snow scenes.

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