Day 216: Kitten Curl


You know it is time for yet another picture of one of my animals acting cute like.

The weather turns colder the animals keep snuggling closer.
As I type these words I am under a little fleece blanket with my cat snuggled at my hip and my dog snuggled by my calf.
They are just about as close as they can get :-)

I wouldn’t trade my mini-hot water bottles for anything. They are a joy and light when everything outside is so gray.

Kit isn’t bad either. He is a big hot water bottle and the best snuggle bear. I’m a bit sentimental if you can’t tell.

Kat’s 24 Days of Christmas {FOR KIDS!}


Need some adventivity ideas for adults?

I created 24 Days of Adventivities for my sister’s kids. They range from ages 5-12 years old, so for I while I struggled to find things they could do at home without help (or lots of help) from a grownup.

Also, they don’t live closeby so I tried to find things I could send in the mail. My intent was that if they needed glue or scissors for the craft then my gifts would be all inclusive. They won’t have to run around the house finding items.

Note, this is not one of those 101 lists where they claim to have entirely different ideas each day. There are some repeats and the difficulty level is pretty easy.My littles happen to enjoy movies, are good readers and are developing/perfecting fine motor skills.

I give you the list and all her links:

1. Xmas coloring pages and crayons (Check
2. Make bird feeders from TP rolls.
3. Santa’s Train sticker activity (Oriental Trading).
4. Color and give Xmas cards (print a page half size landscape and fold over palate).
5. Dance party and sing-a-long (enclosed music CD and lyrics).

6. Fold, cut, unfold and hang paper snowflakes.
7. Read a book! (We found cheap books at TJ Maxx but I recommend libraries first).
8. Watch a Christmas movie and eat popcorn (libraries and the $5 bin at Walmart are good resources).
9. Call grandparents and sing them a carol.
10. Make and hang paper chains.


11. Santa’s workshop sticker scene (From OT).
12. Read a Christmas book (library, half priced/used bookstores, TJ Maxx, Big Lots).
13. Puzzles (Dollar Tree!).
14. Make a Story Game (Directions coming soon! Here is my printable link).
15. Hot chocolate and candy canes! (Dollar tree!).

16. Make a thankful-for list, do something nice for someone else (help with chores, clean up, smile at people–Thankful list form).
17. Color and give magnets as gifts (Similar to OT’s ornaments).
18. Write a letter to Santa and make a wish list (Letter and list links).
19. Nativity sticker scene (Also from OT).
20. Memory with Xmas pictures (printable easy matching. There are harder ones out there).


21. Cut and glue snowman (source).
22. Movie day with popcorn!
23. Read an Xmas book (Smell book).
24. Create a nativity scene with playdough. (Cheap dollar tree tubs of playdough).


I tried to keep things simple but my Christmas packages left the house in a large and one medium sized flat rate box.
I wish I could see their little faces when they open them up. **ecstatic auntie!**

Do you have good ideas for kids activities leading up to Christmas?

If you have questions or ideas, please share!!!

Day 215: Post Secret


Went to the free Post Secret event at my alma mater. It was fun, but not as llife changing as maybe I was expecting.
I was amazed how many people were deeply affected or touched by this project.

It started with this guy Frank Warren who began handing out postcards on the streets asking people to unburden themselves and share their secrets.
A few trickled in, then a few more, then droves anand droves.

I love following the website and reading the Sunday Secrets. The happy and sad ones alike.


Frank gained freedom from his own secrets by hearing so many of other peoples.

The best thing he shared with the audience was that the hardest part about having secrets is that you think you are the only one and no one will understand you.

By sharing secrets and seeing so many he has found tons of duplicates and this has helped many people because they know they are not alone.

The most common secret?:
Peeing in the shower.

The audience roared with laughter. Frank said, it seems silly but look at the people beside you in the audience…Are they smiling?

A second wave of laughter rocked the room.
I was smiling.

Day 214: Singing to a Butt


Did the title catch your attention?

Points for the person who can guess the actress just by her white panties.

Watched Rock of Ages the other day and even though I didn’t like it I did enjoy pausing the movie and making Kit watch ridiculously embarrassing scenes over and over.

There is another weird scene with tongues. Blck.

Tom Cruise did you aspire to this point in your life or do you believe you have sunk?

Day 213: Restaurant Photo Bomb


After lunch I took my paper placemat and folded a bat. This is the style of bat I used to decorate at my wedding. So pretty :-)

Honestly, the two kids who photo bombed this picture….I don’t know em.

I joke. They were my lunch dates but they are hardly children. I grew up with these two cool cats and they just keep getting cooler.

They have already surpassed me in awesomeness and I strive to be as awesome as them.

The crazy gal on the right is designing my next tattoo which I hope to get this winter.