Day 179: Purple French Toes


I blame pintetest for its easy tutorials on nail polish. It has made me brave and given me ideas to play around with.

I didn’t want a solid color and I wanted to practice French tips one more time this week.

Have you ever taken a picture of your feet? I don’t mean taking pictures of new pairs of shoes. Just your feet?
Feet are underrated, I would like to see more cool foot photography.

Feet carry us through trials and to such wonderful places in our lives.

Today, my feet carried me through my tours without wimping out.
4 miles….I sure am going to miss exercising at work like this.

Day 178: Miniature Spookies


This is my dollar store purchase. It was a ton of work to put this little guy together but I suppose you get what you pay for when you only pay a dollar.

I got set of six ghosts but I was shorted a twist tie so I couldn’t complete the last–meager excuse I know.

My sweet neighbor is an older gentleman not accustomed to change and he swerved nearly off the road when he first saw my ghosts set up by the mailbox. This was in broad daylight.


I suppose it has the desired effect. Just looking adorable.
We had a terribly windy day recently but my little ghosties weren’t the least bit bothered.

Day 177: Corny Nails


I know I have posted about these before but I have gotten a bit better at them and I show them off.

I also have the correct yellow so I am really loving them.
This time I really got good coats of color on there too. The corn candy nails lasted most of the week and I had to remove it for work anyway–which took forever.

Anyone doing fun makeup or costumes for Halloween?

My costume is almost complete and I can’t wait to share it with you!!!

Special Post: Pumpkin Vote


             VOTE FOR #21 NOW!

This is pumpkin #21 and I think she needs more votes. Every vote counts.
Not just style but also subject for the win. This pumpkin is in an all orthodontics contest against other offices. 

I think my dental hygienist friend needs to win!!
Will you help me?
If you’re on Facebook, there is nothing special you need to do. Just like the photo and continue on your merry.

Muchas Gracias, amigos

Day 176: Cave Salamander


These little salamanders love to live in the Great Onyx Cave. They love lots of caves but appear to be like this one because there aren’t as many people hiking through it all day long.

My more educated friend informed me that the scientific name is Eurycea Lucifugus.
Smile and shrug.

I just think they are beautiful. There aren’t many vibrantly colored critters in Kentucky so these sallys are a wonderful treat :-)

Day 175: Balloon Because


Sometimes you just need to buy a balloon for your sweetheart.

The hubster had work days on my days off so we didn’t get to be together a full day.

It had been a long day of me wishing he could come home early. I was grabbing some Halloween decorations from Dollar Tree when I found they had helium balloons. Yes, for just one dollar.

As a child, helium balloons were somewhat magical to me. So I thought it was a good ‘just because’ gift.

I believe some of the people in the store thought I had a loved one returning from overseas.
I’m glad Kit wasn’t that far away. My heart goes out to the families whose loved ones are so far away from home.

I was in tears when I saw the video chat scene between Halle Berry and her soldier in New Year’s Eve. That pain is real for many families who are apart. I hope all your soldiers come home healthy and happy.

Free Book Alert–What Thing Had Escaped (Part One)

Winston is giving away more free books!
This is just part of his campaign to being out his blog serial as a book in multiple parts.

Don’t worry, I wont let you guys miss out on his book being published on November 1st!

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What Thing Had Escaped (Part One)

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Survival is a daily struggle for Eugene and Darryl, who walk the filthy, crowded streets of Louisville searching for a day’s work or an abandoned house to loot for salable goods. Though Darryl has a job catering to an elderly rich man who lives in a private suburb lined with stone walls and razor wire, his wage barely feeds him, much less Eugene.

Then one evening there’s a knock on the door and a mysterious man in a suit tells Darryl he’s just inherited the entire fortune of his…

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