Day 181: Family Van


You ever drive down the road and wonder about the people who choose to put family member stickers on their car?

Now, before you get your cute printed panties in a twist let me clarify. If you want to put family stickers on your car that is just fine.

My mom pointed out that it would be hysterical to put one lady human sticker on a vehicle accompanied by a score of cat stickers. In other words, a cat lady car.

This vehicle just scared me a bit. Sixteen kids and two adults.
Pay attention folks, this is a 15 passenger van. I would check those seatbelts.

I hope this is a super caring adopting type family and not the type of family that is taking the Duggers’ approach on rearing a family.

For the record, my mom and I looked like complete creepers snapping this photo at a red light.