Day 175: Balloon Because


Sometimes you just need to buy a balloon for your sweetheart.

The hubster had work days on my days off so we didn’t get to be together a full day.

It had been a long day of me wishing he could come home early. I was grabbing some Halloween decorations from Dollar Tree when I found they had helium balloons. Yes, for just one dollar.

As a child, helium balloons were somewhat magical to me. So I thought it was a good ‘just because’ gift.

I believe some of the people in the store thought I had a loved one returning from overseas.
I’m glad Kit wasn’t that far away. My heart goes out to the families whose loved ones are so far away from home.

I was in tears when I saw the video chat scene between Halle Berry and her soldier in New Year’s Eve. That pain is real for many families who are apart. I hope all your soldiers come home healthy and happy.