Day 176: Cave Salamander


These little salamanders love to live in the Great Onyx Cave. They love lots of caves but appear to be like this one because there aren’t as many people hiking through it all day long.

My more educated friend informed me that the scientific name is Eurycea Lucifugus.
Smile and shrug.

I just think they are beautiful. There aren’t many vibrantly colored critters in Kentucky so these sallys are a wonderful treat :-)

Day 173: Guest Apple


Last week, Kit and I were charged with babysitting my mom and dad’s cat.
Meet Apple, this longhaired diva has only ever lived in a one cat home.
Her vacation stay was shared with an equally diva-like cat (Isabella).

This is one of Apple’s good days. She is resting on the curved scratcher that I bought for Isabella.

Even though she didn’t like her vacation at our house she did get to take home this cool scratching mat.
Isabella has not noticed or cared and continues to use my old couch as a scratching post. Sigh.