Day 171: I <3 French Toast


Sometimes you just have a craving for food shaped like hearts.

I had some semi-stale bread, eggs, cinnamon, milk and sugar that was just dying to be made into breakfast.

The crusts were too stale so I used my heart cookie cutter and made my hearts.

I lost my little kids’ recipe for French toast so I just winged it. I got lucky because I cook a lot by taste and I didn’t want to eat a fingerfull of egg slime. (Eating cake batter is different and I don’t care what you say!)

I sprinkled just a touch of powdered sugar on top because I didn’t have syrup (argh!)


Fry my pretties!!!


Fun and delicious.
I think people forget how ridiculously easy French toast is to make. Mix it, dunk it, fry it, eat it.

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