Day 170: The Exquisite Corpse


This is just one of our crazy creations. I have heard this game called a couple different names but the original (near as I can tell) is the Exquisite Corpse.

Famous artists through history that hob-knob together have played this game.

Three artists have one piece of paper. Less communication during the making lends to even more fascinating artwork.

First artist draws the head and neck then folds the paper so only the lines leading from the neck can be seen.
These neck guiding lines are used by the next artist to draw the torso of the creature.
Guiding lines from the torso and another fold down are left for the third artist who must render the lower half of the creature.


After the three sections are drawn, artists can unfold and view their monster corpse.

We got some awesome creations…


This guy even had two torsos.

Ridiculously simple and we drew tons of creatures by randomly passing them around the room until each were finished.