Day 166: Alice’s Cookbook


You can get anything you want.
At Alice’s Restaurant!

I took a picture of this book because I knew it wouldn’t stay in my hands for long. It was given to me because the giver knew I liked cooking.

However, this book is all about nostalgia (now) and I knew someone who it would mean mountains more to…

My mama. She is an old hippie who remembers when the movie came out. She took her (less than understanding) parents to the cinema.

When I gave the book to her I knew it fell into the right hands.
She cooed, exclaimed and remembered her youth for a good thirty minutes while pouring through the book.

It made me so happy that the simple printed pages metamorphosed in the hands of my mother who experienced the love and drug hippies first hand.

Have you ever seen someone that lit up when they connected with a book?