Day 186: Costume!


What do you think of my costume??

I came up with this one because I wanted a costume that wouldn’t require special and expensive purchases.

As it turned out I did spend money on this costume and it is perfect for Halloween this year.

I paid $18 for a pair of new overalls from Amazon (no shipping). I had a mini shovel in my hubster’s tools and used cocoa powder to coat my elbows, knees and face with dirt.

I have wanted a new pair of coveralls since I grew horizontally out of my last pair. These are better than my last pair which were pretty thin denim.

I wore a pair of insulated coveralls for a recent outdoor party and I was easily the warmest costumed guest there :-)

In case you haven’t caught on, my costume is a grave digger.

Day 185: Happy Holidays


Snatched this picture in Kmart the other day. From the angle I took this photo you can see the trick or treat buckets and fake Christmas tree forest. Just behind me are the turkey table centerpieces and Thanksgiving doodads.

I’m not trying to hate on Kmart. This is the way that large chain stores do things. I know many people that begin Christmas shopping in August so I can’t entirely blame the big department stores for trying to sell trees in October.

Day 184: Snow White Pie


Please notice my beautiful lattice crust. Kit helped me.

Okay, this blog has very little to do with Snow White except the fact that she does not abide by even the most lax of health standards while baking apple pie from scratch.

There are no bird feet nor droppings in my pie!

We found an apple tree on our property and Kit believes it might be a wine sap variety.
Red peel, sweet and wonderful to bake with too!

I have a ton more apples I need to put up and freeze. This has been an awesome year for apples!

How did it do after baking?


The original recipe said to bake it for an hour on 375, which was way too high.

It tasted even better than it looks. I made another apple pie (not quite as pretty) right afterwords because Kit loved it so much. There is one piece left in the fridge.

I have written down and will keep this pie recipe for sure.

I did use coconut oil for the crusts. It worked very well because it was partially solidified. This is definitely key, much like butter or lard having this element cool or cold will make for a more malleable crust.

Day 183: Urban Comics


In addition to finding the green box in this grandiose library I found out they were having a mondo book sale. They normally have a bookstore but that day they had two full rooms of cheap books. I found this book in the bookstore but only paid a meager $3.00 for it. I couldn’t resist it! Retail is $15.00


The Slasher under the car is a classic. I remember getting emails about this when email was still new.
This urban legend is super old. I am tickled to read all of them.

Do you have a favorite urban legend?

Day 182: Green Box?


A (sadly) non-local library has this green media box in their lobby before entering the library proper.

Inside the library doors are several hefty shelves fullbof DVDs to be checked out but I actually saw people standing in line at this box.

I should have but didn’t inquire about if the box rentals could only be returned to the box, how long or if the check out time is longer, and if the green box perhaps had a better selection.

Red box DVDs are over a dollar per item and about a quarter more for new releases.
DVDs from a library? More selection, keep longer than a day and fo’ FREE.

You can’t beat that price.

Go, Public Libraries!! For staying awesome!