Day 150: Essense of Summer


While visiting my brother and sister-in-law we had mojitos. Even better,  we made mojitos at home.

Fresh mint, tart lime, sweet simple syrup, white rum, and cold ice. Yessssss

It is the perfect summer drink or if you love mojitos enough it is the best drink hands down whatever time of year.

To me,  having these drinks was the precursor to my birthday celebrations. I have a long to do list this year so it will extend several days.

Day 149: In Bloom


This post I am going to double up on some pretty flower pictures. There are just so many pretty ones out there!

The first is a bloom on my okra plants. This is our first year growing okra on the farm. Now Kit may have known what their blooms were going to look like but it was quite a treat for me.

Okra grows on thick stalked plant a about five or six feet tall. We have a non-spiny variety….supposedly. I have to wear gloves or I’ll feel like I have been playing in stinging nettles. Maybe not quite that bad but close.


My next wild flower may not bring everybody joy. Even ragweed looks pretty from a distance. Kit usually refers to this flower with some colorful adjectives because he has pretty severe allegies to everything outdoors.


My final flower is a landscaped plant. I saw these pink and purple blooms in a box at SIU’s campus while I was in Illinois.
I don’t know what this booger is but it sure is beautiful.

Any flower experts want to take a stab at it?
I haven’t even done your basic Google search so you Magellan easily be able to turn up something.

Day 148: Bishop


Ed Bishop, guide.

Ed did mountains of exploration in Mammoth Cave. He is best known for his expeditions with Max Kaemper in 1908.

He must have been a pretty cool cat to do exploration with another cat from Germany. They sometimes took young ladies along on their expeditions as well.

Some of the famous place names I lead people through today on wild tours were first discovered and named by Ed and Max.

This particular signature is found on the tourist trails along Main Cave. Easy to find if you know where to look.

Day 147: Sea Squeakers


This picture was too cute not to share. We recently bought Tybalt a new stuffed dolphin because I have tried sewing up the rips several times to no avail.
For one dollar, I think I can afford a new one.

Tybalt was pleased to find out there was a squeaker in this toy as well.
He is so good at finding the squeaker in fact that we don’t let him have his toys when guests come over.
His favorite is the squeaker in the sting ray because he can hold it between his paws and squeeze it until Kit or I finally get irritated with it (takes us a while to get bothered).

My puppy dog is so sweet with his love of sea creatures and squeakers. I wish I could let him meet a real sting ray or dolphin. He probably would be unable to find their squeaker :-P

Day 146: Red Pepper


Recently went to the grocery store with Kit and found these individually wrapped red bell peppers.

This should not bug me as much as it does. It just seems completely silly. Peppers, unless they are quite old, don’t get ugly from sitting in produce boxes.

Kit speculated perhaps it was to make shoppers feel more safe about salmonella contaminates. Just makes me think they bagged it with some bacteria and set it to growing.

Have you seen other individually wrapped up produce?
We picked up this product long enough to snap a photo and kept on moving.