Day 142: Twin Peaks Project FIN!


I recently finished this project and thought I would share. A co-worker of mine really liked the TV show Twin Peaks. Although, I have never seen it I have a soft spot for people who are die hard fans for canceled shows (Go, Browncoats!)

I took the essentials elements from the TP sign and designed my own pattern. I knew the pines, peaks and the Welcome To aspects were most important.

Yes, my pines and mountains are not identical. 1) If you want uniform do machine embroidery following a store bought pattern. 2) When I look at the same types of trees I do not see exact copies. I believe it gives them a more realistic character.

Another point I am proud of are the pine trees themselves. I created my own veriegated floss by pulling two threads each from two different green skeins. Mixed and twisting colors created a great effect along with the stem stitch.

Stitches I used: stem, back, cross, and satin.
I had fun switching up my colors and stitches throughout.
This project took me 1.5 days. Such fun, I can’t wait for my next project.

I realize I have been rambling but I really had fun with this one.