Day 123: Brass N’ Camo


Alright, I give. I don’t remember the real band name. But they were basically brass and an impressive set of drums.
We didn’t have time to hear their who’s set but I enjoyed hearing their brassy instrumentals.
As you can see they were a military band and very talented. They played in the Cloverville wing at the fair and followed up a troop of kids that did interpretive hand motions and tap dancing while singing. The kids were odd.

After we enjoyed a bit of the music we moved on and out of the 4-H exhibits.

Day 122: Small art


Some of the non-functional art was really petty as well.
The above really struck me just because of what this kid used to make to make the owl.
Thd owl is rolled up pieces of cardboard! How cool is that? Definitely a winner in my book.


The book page flowers were also very cool. I’m not sure what they did to dye the pages but the construction of these delicate flowers was awesome. The dye was light enough that the words on the petals were easy to are. Reminded me a bit of the duct tape roses I have made.


The final piece I really liked in this area of the 4-H displays was this little acorn top ball. Not sure what they used as a based for the ball but one could easily buy a styrofoam ball at the craft store.
I was sad this one only got a white award. I plan on making one and finding a way to affix a string to make a Christmas tree ornament.

Day 121: State Fair Embroidery


This was one of the cutest embroidery samples in the 4-H division. I wasn’t overly impressed with what i saw in the adult entires so I forgot to take pictures.

The above is reminiscent of a pattern you might see on a quilt because the embroidered bits are around the edges and more acting as a frame for the cloth.
I do like that this person took the care to get the veins in the wings and antennae stitched out. Very striking for a little pillow.


This strawberry sampler was my other favorite in the 4-H section
Just because I think the subject matter is delectable. I fear the typical way kids learn about embroidery is by way of older folks who are stuck in the vintage pattern rut and will never leave.
Thank goodness these precious little strawberries aren’t humanoid freaks.

Would it be weird if I offered to teach embroidery to a 4-H group? I would love to take them some contemporary patterns. Even if it is Justin B. It will be more applicable than dancing veggies.

I’m not doing this kid a solid. Have I mentioned I love this fruit sampler!? It really is well done redwork. You can tell s/he put some serious work into it. I would like to know what their backwork looks like but every inch there was a NO TOUCH sign.

Day 120: 4-H exhibits


Cloverville was the part of one wing devoted to 4-H projects.
Some of the photography and paintings were not bad. Most of the folkart was uninspired but I will share a favorite here.

Above is the horseshoe bootrack. The stand was made almost entirely of horseshoes. The crossbar was a piece of rebar. The whole thing was painted black.
This was easily Kit’s favorite household art piece.

There were several entires for table setting and message boards—two categories I had no clue existed.


Most of the clothing looked like ancient maccall patterns but this dress really spoke to me. The size was so tiny that the back didn’t zip on the manakin. The little seamstress that put this together must be quite petite. I would pay her to make one in my size. Beautiful simple dress.

Coming up, more state fair pix:

       Embroidery (4-H)
       Bees and their products
       Decorative cakes
       Ugly lamps contest

Day 119: Largest sunflower


There was a contest for the largest sunflower. I was quite impeased as they were all HUGE!

The blue ribbon winner as seen above was about double the size of a serving platter.

Even though they are plants they looked like some underbelly of a great beast all dried from the sun. Strange and alien looking.

I remember having sunflowers around the front porch at my house buy I doubt any of ours were medal winners. Sunflowers are such a happy flower to have outdoors. Maybe next year I will get my flowers starts earlier and they will actually grow.