Day 118: State Fair


Yeehaw! Tickets to the state fair!
Kit and I went yesterday to the fair and enjoyed it heartily with one exception.
Kit was sorely disappointed that the cattle were transitioning and he wasn’t allowed in the west wing. Since we raise cattle he loves too see all the show cows and bulls.
He was somewhat placated by the Boer goats and was kind enthused by the apiary displays.

I have to admit the honeycomb and pale yellow to deep brown jars of honey were very beautiful.

I surprised myself when I enjoyed some of the 4-H displays. There were tons of handicrafts, photography and some plants/insects.
The embroidery entries were pittifully small. I wish to teach all the 4-H kids embroidery! And to stitch things that aren’t just lame vintage patterns. Stitch what you like not just what you can find in a store bargin bin.

The embroidery pieces in the adult competitions were not much more impressive. There was a huge section of counted cross stitch. Poo-poo.
There was some cool woodwork and leather work but not as much as I remember.
The ugly lamp contest was neat. None of the ones I liked were winners but all the same the judges may have been looking for something else.

The counties were a breeze of “How y’all doin’ ” salutations and signing up for gift baskets we won’t win. However I did run into this really sweet couple who must have been interpreters or just really loved their area. I asked why their county brochure said “babies” on it and found out Leslie county has a long history of midwifery and educating ladies to become midwives. Makes me want to visit their town and school.

More to come as I have more pictures to share from my state fair adventures.