U is for Underground


Any day underground is a good one.

I started caving for fun in 2006 and have kept it up. Work and school have kept me busy so I haven’t had as much time to play in caves with my friends, but at least my work keeps me in caves.

I lead wild cave tours for visitors that have never been off a walking trail in a cave. It’s amazing to share this experience with visitors and help them gain that sense of accomplishment upon completing different portions of the tour.

I realize that I will probably never get into Lechugilla cave or other important notables because I am casual caver. I have enjoyed my time as such  :)

I have been through tight squeezes, chest high water, nasty chert crawls, and fallen asleep on a perfect pile of dirt.
I even got married in a cave. It amused Kit and I because there were some guests that refused to attend the ceremony because they were too scared to walk 500 feet into the entrance. It was a beautiful wedding and I could not have been happier :)

I have so many good memories and fun times Underground that it just had to be my letter U!
The Underground world is so much fun :)

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