Day 117: Stitch a Meme


You throw a little Impact font together with some google search clipart and it can make magical things.

Feel free to download/save this picture and hand embroider it into a pillow or other doo-dad to have lying around the house.

How to transfer image: 
Get a water soluble transfer pen, your fabric and then watch this video. Super easy. I don’t have a light box and this is what I do. Video Tutorial

Color suggestions:

Walrus--DMC 414 (gray) or DMC 801 (brown) for body and DMC 762 (off white for tusks)
Lettering–Black (You can either fill in the letters or just do an outline of letters)

Although this is free—and you could make it yourself so I wouldn’t dream of charging money—I have one request.

If you print this, transfer and stitch this image. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE–send me a picture of your finished work. I think it would be awesome to see!

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