Day 116: Visiting My LNS

Last weekend I visited my Local Needlecraft Store.

I had never been before and having visited I have no clue why I put it off for so long!

This is the Jewel Box owned by a Mrs. Jewel who was extremely helpful. I have a feeling she is the type of woman who can do no wrong when she picks up needle and thread.


She has an awesome selection of floss (tons more than shown in picture), tons of hot-iron transfer patterns, some pillow cases/table runners/etc with pre-printed patterns, and all the notions you can think of needing to complete your projects.

The real kicker is this: Her floss skeins of floss are $0.50 cheaper than Wal-Mart. You best believe that is worth the drive! Especially if you’re trying to stock pile a bunch of colors.

If you have the mad skills that evade me she also has tons of fabric, quilting paraphernalia and upholstery items.

Most of her items are stacked to the ceiling (literally) in her front room. She told us she had two more rooms–one for upholstery and one for quilting specifically–but this was not what my mom and I came for.

I ended up with one book of butterfly iron transfers, several skeins of floss for s specific project and a pack of quilting squares to do some framed embroidery projects on.

All in all, an awesome trip to my LNS.

What is an LNS? Just some hipster crafting jargon I picked up from, you’re darn right, I am that cool.