Day 128: Animal Cakes


The decorated cakes were all pretty impressive. The Scotty cake above was obviously in the dog theme category. I was tickled that the dog fur wasn’t fondant but individual strips of icing that was layered with different colors to offer depth and shading to the dog cake. The icing looked tasty too :)
Who wants the dog butt part of the cake?


The cooked turkey cake grabbed my attention along with most other visitors. It looked tasty too and my favorite aspect of the whole cake has to be the pop up timer. Perfect.
The only thing missing is the mountain of stuffing coming out of the cake bird. I guess it isn’t a true Thanksgiving bird.

Ever wonder what kind of cake they baked to be the model for these creations? I imagine it is a super dry and bland white cake.
I am not a cake decorating artist like the creators of these awesome entries….I tend to lean towards flavor first and looks second.

Day 127: Wild Dress


Okay, now this is not nearly weird enough or disgusting enough to appeal to Lady GaGa but I think it is very impessive.

My husband and I litterally had a double take on this dress. Because upon further inspection it was not a striped dress with fabric frills. The skirt and collar are made of photo negatives!

Positively love this negative dress!
I wished there was a sign giving more information about the dress because I feel that many fair goers wouldn’t realize they were negatives hanging from the dress.

It almost reminds me of a Cruella Deville costume.

Day 126: Fancy Cakes


Cakes! This is the first I stallment of cake posts. There were multiple rooms full of display cases for cakes.

It is so tempting to break through the glass and eat he best looking ones.
I saw there were several key lime cakes so I may have to try my hand at that sometime.

The above cake was fairly simple but I just loved the way the daisies were trailing down the layers.

Not all the cakes looked this good. Here was one cake that did not get any award because it didn’t follow the theme of a certain category it was entered into.
In the judge’s defense it was a Barbie cake in a dog themed category.

Another category that didn’t hold up to being displayed for over a week and a half were the moist cakes.
Exhibit A: This pineapple upside down cake was beginning to grow


It must have been pretty darn good to win red!

Day 125: Laugh


This is a sample of some for sale art work at the fair.

The intriguing bit was they sold each picture letter individually. This was one such display idea.

I could take some pictures using this idea and create a picture frame of my last name or one that says Kentucky.

This type of art work really got my craft gears going.

Do any amateur photographers feel up to a challenge?

What would you use to spell your name or an inspirational word?

Day 124: Balloon Art


This was the balloon sculpture we saw in one of the main halls. Not sure if the picture does it justice.

I believe this old skool style plane is paying homage to the Wright brothers’ important flight.

The detail that I hope is not missed is the little balloon man hanging onto the plane for dear life. Very cute.

I forgot to jot down the name of the balloon artists but it was pretty impressive. They were using metal frames to tie their balloons around.


Here is another shot of the two artists hard at work creating another smaller red plane and a multicolored sphere–not sure what the goal of that was.