Day 115: My Mother is a Genius

I keep re-discovering that my mother is an amazing woman with her own creative way of looking at life and using the mundane for fantastic things.

Exhibit A: The potholder earring holder.

I gave a store bought kit of potholders to my nieces as part of an Easter basket gift. They loved it of course and went straight to work creating a half dozen pot holders of various shapes and colors for my mom.

Instead of cramming all those extra squares into a kitchen drawer my mother found this for it. She pinned all her earrings to it and hung in a location close to her car keys. My mother is of the belief that she is not ready to leave the house until she has used the toilet (even for a five minute drive), put on her tinted lip gloss and put on a cute pair of earrings.

I love you, mama.


Garden Update

Through the last couple of months we have been battling many things to keep our garden going and I think it is finally paying off.

Machinery breaking down
Time Management

It’s been a crazy whirlwind of fun and hard work, but I suppose that is no different than any other farmer’s challenges.

The only crop that has pretty much failed was the catnip I had growing in buckets. I’m not sure what creature ate it but it was growing quite well before it was demolished.


Our neighbors had a couple of peach trees that were loaded down with fruits and they had already picked everything they needed. We picked and picked and picked some more. Cut and pitted them and into the freezer bags they went. I have made two peach cobblers and I would like to can some jam soon.
The blueberries in the cobbler picked above were just frozen store-bought berries. Our blueberry bushes won’t produce for another 1-2 years.

I am so intensely grateful for my neighbors. They have shared peaches and corn (they planted some earlier) with us already. I hope they enjoyed the blackberry jam we shared with them.

Just some of the jam we put up not long ago. This is just about all the blackberry jam that we got this year. Right as the berries were ripening and ready to pick was when the heat began skyrocketing. It dried up all the berries before they were all ripe enough to pick.


Our tomatoes are finally doing well. They are even blooming again because of the recent rains. We picked enough of our Hungarian Paste and Romas to put up some sauce. We have just over a dozen jars to date. Awesome tangy thick pasta sauce. We used a bit on some pizza I made last week and it gave the whole pizza an amazing flavor. I will probably share the recipe and our own changes to the original we found.

Our pumpkins are planted very close together so I’m not sure if this is our sugar or field pumpkin. We have two that have ripened at this size. Kit picked one yesterday and I am beyond tempted to slice it open, bake it and make some killer pumpkin pie mid summer. :)

I am so excited to make pumpkin butter this summer/fall. I need to look into some ways of canning it safely. People can apple butter though right? Do you have to add lemon juice or other things to increase the level of acidity? hmm…

I’m so so so happy that we planted corn (as time allowed) staggered throughout the late spring. Because of that some of corn is producing now. It looks like a lot of the ears will be pretty small, but I don’t care as long as I see that silk.

Kit picked one okra pod yesterday and there are several getting close to perfect for picking. I want to pick them a bit small so I can pickle them. I better start looking into pickled okra recipes!

I will get some more garden update pictures soon and share them with you all. As well as some recipes that I have been using my harvest in.
Our beans are just….starting to come in but we probably have a few more weeks before they begin coming along steadily.