Day 114: Garden update–New Arrivals!

Spaghetti Squash emerging

Kit and I planted two 72 cells full of veggies on Monday. And then at them now! We actually noticed green coming up yesterday (Thursday) but the pictures today were more impressive.

In one of our sets we started Spaghetti Squash, cushaw, sugar pumpkins and hatch peppers. Peppers are not nearly as exciting as the squash families because they are so slow and have yet to appear. Our yellow squash has a few pushing through the dirt.

The other set of 72 we split with two different types of tobacco. We’re growing this more for the experience and variety rather than to sell commercially. We don’t have the tax stamp to sell and for only 72 plants we don’t intend to buy one.
tobaccoThe reason Kit is so interested in growing tobacco is because they are some interesting heirloom varieties.
One of the varieties is called Hopi Tobacco. And according to the Sustainable Seeds website the effects from smoking this tobacco can result ” in hallucinations.” Source.

The second variety of heirloom tobacco–also purchased from Sustainable Seeds–is called Ancient Tobacco. This seed was found in a 1,000 year old archaeological site. And get this, they’re selling this seed and don’t know anything about it other than it has large leaves. I don’t know if it was more silly that they are selling an unknown or that we bought it. Source.

The cat bucket garden that I posted about several days back has produced amazing results! I have tons of things coming up but…I won’t be taking pictures until this Sunday so I can share what one week of growth looks like. I’m sure it will be a more impressive jump. Calm down, just a couple more days until I share the kitty litter bucket updates.

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