Day One Hundred Nine: Siblings

Watering Hole

My new cat and my newer dog seem to be getting along a lot better in just a few short weeks. In the above, they have drawn a truce to drink water and eat diner at the same time.

Isabella still swats Tybalt and Tybs still chases the cat around the house when he wants to play. But they are much more civil with each other. Just like good siblings. Beat the fire out of one another until it the time calls for a truce.

Day One Hundred Eight: Le Bed

Tybalt's adopted bed

I have to apologize for the action shot for this day. He was wiggling while I took the picture. If you notice my little beagle is curling up in a tiny cat bed. This was not a one time occurrance. Pretty much, the cat doesn’t have a bed anymore because he loves this one so much.

I will do my best to get a picture of him curled up in it soon. He looks ridiculous but he simply loves curling into a tiny comfy ball. By the way, he has his own bed, but apparently it is not as good as this one.

Day One Hundred Seven: Puzzling

very puzzling

Have you ever heard of the tradition taking the baby Jesus figurine out of the nativity scene on Christmas day and hiding it. Whoever finds the baby Jesus gets a special gift. Once the figurine is found he is put in the manger and symbolizes his birth.

I was adding some Lego zombie pieces to the nativity scene when I realized that baby J was on the far end of the mantle. My brother is so cool, I had no clue he had even hidden the little booger.

This was my special present which I was stoked about because I really enjoy puzzles. They are calming in a way. It’s just a 350 piece puzzle so it’s not like I accomplished some impossible feat It was super fun and the blue parts of it were harder than they look.

I hope to find more puzzles and attack them on my weekends.

Day One Hundred Six: Stitch Mania

Eternal Summer

As previously seen in Day 101 I have recently gotten into embroidery/stitching. My sister hooked me up with this adorable sampler which was perfect for beginners because I got to try my hand at some new ones while I practiced the easier ones.

The tops of the antennae are french knots which I taught myself via an awesome online source. The site is called Sublime Stitching and I WILL be buying a bunch of her transfers before too long. If you wanna see her cool patterns then just click patterns on the left-hand column .

I can’t wait to get another sampler to play with. I am itchin’ to get stitchin’!!!
I have even started an idea book for future projects and my sister and I are gonna start pulling ideas from it soon.

Yup. I have officially dorked out.

Sidenote: The plural of Antenna is antennae (referring to bugs/zool) and antennas (referring to TVs/radios). Informed!

R is for Reading

Check Out More of Lostfiniel's art by clicking the picture.


Reading has been a favorite hobby of mine longer than anything else….Well, maybe it doesn’t beat eating, but you get the picture.

When I played pretend and acted like a dog (around age 4-6) it was the best time ever. I would run around until my knuckles were raw and my mother’s temper was worn thin.

Another joy at that age was when my mother would “make” me read because she wanted me to learn. Even though I grew tired of trying to decipher the words I look back on my early reading with my mom as a wonderful gem.

Reading taught me new words. For some time I kept paper bookmarks in my books so if I was reading and came across a word I wasn’t sure of the meaning I would jot it on the back of my bookmark and define it later. I learned this technique to avoid mispronouncing a word out loud and getting giggles or comments about my unfamiliarity with words.

I learned to pass the time by reading. If I couldn’t wait til Dad got home from work so we could start our new project I would bury myself in a book until it was 5:00.  I have fallen so deeply into a book before that it takes several calls to get me to surface.

Ignoring external influences was a great trick I learned from reading. Healing from a surgery or illness? Read until you pass out without straining your hoarse voice. Hungry, but it’s not quite dinner time? Dive in for a couple chapters until dinner is ready.

Pretending to be a dog was an infatuation that came and went.
Journaling has been a huge part of my life since I was 15.

The one lovely constant has been my joy of reading. Picture books, magazines, novels and sometimes (rarely) even text books for school.

Thank you to my family for teaching me the joy of reading. It has been the best gift I’ve ever received.