Day One Hundred Seven: Puzzling

very puzzling

Have you ever heard of the tradition taking the baby Jesus figurine out of the nativity scene on Christmas day and hiding it. Whoever finds the baby Jesus gets a special gift. Once the figurine is found he is put in the manger and symbolizes his birth.

I was adding some Lego zombie pieces to the nativity scene when I realized that baby J was on the far end of the mantle. My brother is so cool, I had no clue he had even hidden the little booger.

This was my special present which I was stoked about because I really enjoy puzzles. They are calming in a way. It’s just a 350 piece puzzle so it’s not like I accomplished some impossible feat It was super fun and the blue parts of it were harder than they look.

I hope to find more puzzles and attack them on my weekends.

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