Q is for Quiz

For Brown Coats: http://www.seabreezecomputers.com/serenity/

I was Kaylee by the way. Yesssss.

Social networking sites such as Myspace and Facebook make quizzes so easily accessible it is ridiculous. Myspace first got me hooked—Yes, I have deleted my account.

Then there are the form type memes that one can fill out about oneself. Don’t forget to tag other people so they will do it too. Mostly they are filled with silly questions like “favorite color,” or “first boyfriend.” However, every once in a while I have come across one with questions that are more random and more fun to answer.

I think quizzes and the form meme give people an outlet to tell these things about themselves or try to do a self analysis. Hrmm, am I intensely intelligent? How do you spell “why”?
When we were children it was more forgivable to bring up a favorite list of things without context.

It is hard to claim that there is much substance to a simple character quiz made a Twi-fan, but is it fun? Well, I think the answer is yes. Quizzes online, game show quizzes, quizzing your friend about her first date with her hottie, or even pop quizzes in class.