Day One Hundred Two: Xmas Ornament

Trifecta of lame

I guess that would be more of a Lame-fecta.
Above is pictured the $20.00 Twilight ornament that we saw. Even in miniature form I can tell that they cannot act. Pretty sad.

The Hallmark gift store is an unknown land to me and therefore entirely strange. I wandered through there recently with my brother, husband and sister in law. We did not leave the store heavily burdened with cutesy gifts.
The character ornaments were interesting but too expensive and too heavy. A real tree would sag under the weight of just one of these monster ornaments.

I would feel a little bit better about this ornament if it were several things:
1) Didn’t weigh nine hundred pounds
2) Wasn’t $20 retail
3) They were not grimacing/frowning/pouting/have constipation (whatever that expression is supposed to be). Can’t they be happy on Xmas?
4) Bella were wearing a green miniskirt and candy striped tights
5) The boys were wearing Santa hats and holding candy canes.

Happy Christmas, ya’ll!